From Apathy to Action: Eco Tips from Sandi Sturm

Melting sea ice, rising sea levels, warming temperatures, deforestation, habitat loss—climate change is touching nearly every corner of our planet. In the face of ever increasing climate change related disasters, loss of life, and refugees, it can feel difficult to feel optimistic for the future health of our planet. Guilt, shame, apathy, and numbness may follow, which unfortunately can bring society away from taking the steps needed, no matter how small, towards addressing climate change.

In Family Survival Guide for Our Changing Climate, author Sandi Sturm empowers readers to resign their feelings of helplessness by incorporating some, or all, of her 52 actions to take against climate change. These actions are logical, easy to adopt, economical, and take minimal time and effort to implement. Sturm claims that by following these eco tips loyally, families and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 50%. No one of us should take on the entire weight of the climate crisis, but each of us should be routinely evaluating our day to day activities so to limit our impact on the planet.

While Sturm’s guide offers a variety of actions to take, SLVEC has selected five of her suggestions that we challenge readers to adopt before the end of 2021. For the complete list of eco tips and to learn more, order Family Survival Guide for Our Changing Climate.

1) Participate in Zero Waste Dining

Sturm reminds us that while eating out may be convenient, it can also be extremely wasteful. She reports in her ch