Where to Recycle Stuff, 2021 Updated Guide

Updated: Jun 24

Cellphones, batteries, plastics, glass, bailing twine, clothing, and more....

Please consider the environment when disposing of unwanted products. The San Luis Valley has a variety of excellent recycling services. Take note of this updated list and also check out the recycling map at the bottom of the page. Read "Things That Cannot Be Recycled" to make sure your item is recyclable.

*To ensure everyone's safety and maximize efficiency, always consult with a recycling provider before drop off/pick up to confirm that your item is recyclable or in reusable condition.


-WSB Computer Services: https://www.wsbcs.net/recycling


-WSB Computer Services: https://www.wsbcs.net/recycling

-Colorado Recycles in Monte Vista: https://www.wm.com/us/en/home/bulbs-batteries-electronics