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The San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council is your environmental advocate for the San Luis Valley Region of Southern Colorado.

We believe in protecting the places we love, advancing the environmental values we share, and achieving real results for our environment. What is the key to our success? People like you. Stand up for clean air, clean water and the open spaces you care about by making a donation today.

Below is a brief overview of projects that we are currently involved with or have advocated for in the past. See the complete list of our projects under the Projects Menu.


Illegal dumping and improper disposal of solid waste has been a commonly recognized problem in the San Luis Valley. SLVEC is here to help.


For over a decade, SLVEC has been working to moderate the impacts of motorized vehicle use in the Rio Grande National Forest and BLM lands that surround the Valley.


For over a dozen years SLVEC has worked to protect sensitive habitat threatened by a large development on Wolf Creek Pass.


We are involved in investigating Renewable Water Resources.  We encourage the protection of water quality and ongoing well testing for the San Luis Valley.

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