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Across the United States and around the world, the question of how to meet energy demands in a clean, efficient, and cost-effective manner has become one of the most pressing of the new millennium.  Scientists worldwide have acknowledged the occurring climate crisis, despite a handful of vocal neigh-sayers. Many communities are seeing the negative impacts of gas and oil development, as well as the devastating effects of coal-fired power production.  Even the industry’s assertion that there is such a thing as clean-coal is riddled with problems.  The United States and many countries around the world recognize the need to change the way we produce, store, and deliver energy. 


Renewable Energy

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05.09.13 Draft Solar Transmission Alternatives

08.27.13.Scoping Comment Xcel Energy Transmission Lines

Opportunities and Concerns: BLM/DOE Solar Programmatic Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Comments on the BLM Solar Energy Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, (DPEIS) specifically, 4 study areas selected for Colorado in the San Luis Valley

SLV Solar/Transmission line Alternatives and Redundancy recommendations compiled by: The San Luis Valley Solar/Transmission Work Group in cooperation with the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council and Citizens for San Luis Valley Water Protection Coalition196.17 KB

11 x 17 Map of Sensitive SLV Resources (11.5 MB)
47 x 36 Map of Sensitive SLV Resources (13.65 MB)

San Luis Valley Load Fact Sheet
Map of Proposed Transmission Lines
Expert Opinion
Designating Energy Corridors on Federal Land
Xcel Seeks Bids on World's Biggest Solar Project 
SLV Solar Symposium - Questionaire
Proposed Section 368 Energy Corridors - Colorado - Map - CAUTION: Very large file
Rocky Mountain Institute Newsletter - Small is Profitable
Does a Big Economy Need Big Power Plants? A Guest Post
The Nation: Think Solar, Think Small
Transmission Lies
What is a Smart Grid?
A Smart Grid, yes. A new national grid, no.
Federal Transmission Bill 3-09