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How is the quality of your household well drinking water? Protect your family health through an SLV environmental public health initiative. 

University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus Study #1


Earth, Sky and Water, San Luis Valley style. Photo By Roy Oliver on the Oliver Ranch near Alamosa, Colorado

April 22, 2020

Study #1 - Water Sampling

Study #1

Drought and Water Sampling (Free well testing!)


As drought increases in the Valley, the concentration of the pollutants in drinking water can increase. Drought may also influence the water quality due to changes in the geochemistry of the aquifer.

SLVEC is partnering with Dr. Katherine James to study the impacts of drought on water quality in the SLV. Free water quality testing is available for people with household drinking water wells in the San Luis Valley. Test your well to ensure your water is safe to drink. The testing will indicate the health of our aquifer by measuring pH, age, hardness, and heavy metal concentrations.

This public health issue intertwines with the health of our environment. Please participate in this citizen science initiative to make sure your water is safe for drinking as drought in the Valley continues to increase. 


Participants will receive:

  1. Free sample kit including instructions sent to their preferred address

  2. Options for sample drop off or prepaid shipment to University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora Colorado

  3. Free laboratory analysis at a university water laboratory

  4. Individual results mailed or emailed to each participant with full explanation of chemical 

    • pH
    heavy metals

  5. Community-level summary report at the end of the study

You will need your/ property owner's Full Name


Q&A on the free well-testing: 

Q: Will the participants be given the results and data for all parameters measured in the water?


A: YES! Any parameters (metals, pH, age, etc) that is measured will be provided to the participant along with detailed explanation of the results and reference levels. We ensure full transparency of all laboratory analyses and reporting of results directly to participant.

Q:  Is this study associated with any efforts or plans to purchase water, export water, or sell water filters?


A: No. Our sole objective is to collect water quality data spanning across the valley to develop the best models to describe how the drought is impacting water supplies to aid the community in adaptation and mitigation strategies to build water resources capacity in the SLV. Our priority is supporting the community.

Q&A well testing

Contact the Study Coordinators

You can reach either Nick Stoll, Project Coordinator or Kathy James, Project Lead, via email. If you prefer to discuss via telephone, please email us your number and we will call you right away.

Environmental Health
is the foundation for Public Health
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