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Community Action for a Renewed Environment

The Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) Program, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a way for San Luis Valley communities to organize and take action to reduce environmental health hazards.  Through education and community involvement, the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council, in partnership with the public health departments around the valley, local businesses, and community members will work to assess the environmental health of the San Luis Valley.

EPA Check Signing Event


Resources for CARE Steering Committee

EPA Resouces

The PACE EH-paceeh2.pdf

The CARE Road Map 20080620roadmap.pdf

Our logic model 9.09.10.performance measures1-1.pdf

Resources from our November 30th EPA Seminar

CDC's Chris Poulet's Presentation Slides on the ATSDR: epa slv care grantee nov 30 2011.pdf

EPA's Kyle Olson's Presentation Slides on Air Quality in the SLV: - olson air quality.pdf

EPA's Sabrina Forrest's Presentation Slides on CERLA:  forrest sabrina what is site assessment.pdf

EPA's Peg Perreault's Presentation Slides on Pesticides in the SLV: perreault peg pesticides-slv care-nov2011.pdf

EPA's Christina Wilson's Presentation Slides on Brownsfields: wilson christina bf overview_alamosa.pdf

EPA's Dr. Kristen Keteles Presentation on Endocrine Distruptors:  keteles kristine dc alamosa.pdf