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SLVEC's Top Goals for 2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

1. Designate 47,000 acres of additional Wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo's by working with our federal congressional delegation to move this forward through a joint public lands bill.

2. Update the citizenry about the importance of protecting Wolf Creek Pass from unbridled development and keep the public informed about the Federal Court Case that will be decided sometime early this year. Then, respond in an appropriate manner to the Judge's decision.

3. Work to develop mapping and baseline inventories for the unique BLM lands that exist in Southern Colorado (Conejos County specifically). These lands deserve to be protected and to be apart of a Conservation Area Designation that would border the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument in New Mexico. This designation would create contiguous land protection along the Rio Grande in two states.

4. Continue to develop Social Media Outreach tools and galvanize public outreach capabilities to be more effective in giving current information that the public can respond to in a timely manner.

5. Work with the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance (SRCA) and other state and federal coalitions to make sure that Colorado and Southern Rockies organizations stay coordinated to move various pieces of legislation and policy in the coming year.

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