SLVEC's Top 2021 Campaigns

The San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council has stayed busy this year with a variety of conservation projects! All of our campaigns recognize the importance of maintaining intact, healthy wilderness so that future human and non-human species can thrive! Check out the many ways SLVEC has worked to protect YOUR public lands this 2021. You can also watch a video summarizing the contents below.

1) The Rio Grande

Central to the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council’s mission is to protect and restore the biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural resources in the Upper Rio Grande. In line with these values, SLVEC is currently working to inform policies that grant long-term protection to the Rio Grande Corridor in Colorado’s Conejos and Costilla Counties. Collecting critical baseline inventory data, developing informative maps, publishing reports, and communicating the ecological and cultural value of this region to the public are all strategies that SLVEC is employing to support recommendations for the region as a National Conservation Area. If our efforts are successful, 8,000 years of human history will be protected as well as the critical habitats, native plants, endangered species and wildlife that this unique area supports.

Read our blog on this campaign.

2) Wildlife Corridors

In company with numerous environmental groups across the nation, SLVEC has pledged to support and develop policies that work towards a goal of protecting 30% of U.S. lands and water by the year 2030: #30x30Movement. Supporting efforts that ensure that wildlife corridors are available to resident and migratory species is one way that we honor this pledge. We recently sent out an action alert, of which many of our members responded to, asking for public comments to be submitted in favor of a new county resolution to support migration corridors and wildlife habitat in Saguache County. SLVEC was thrilled to receive overwhelming support from many of our members who feel this movement would help us to mitigate the impacts of climate change, improve road safety, and protect wildlife. SLVEC will continue to advocate on the state and federal level until we feel adequate policy has been adopted in this area.