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SLVEC Honors the San Luis Valley with a New Logo

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

By Zaylah Pearson-Good

The San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council is excited to introduce our new logo!

Designed by painter, environmentalist, and SLV youth Rowan Lyford, we feel this new digitally painted logo honors the unique ecology of Southern Colorado and immediately locates viewers to the San Luis Valley.

We are proud to be represented by such a thoughtfully crafted logo that truly speaks to the spectacular landscape that deserves to be treasured and preserved for future life to enjoy.

In creating the logo, Rowan and the SLVEC team selected several iconic symbols that we feel illustrate the unique ecology of the San Luis Valley.

Busy at work, the native bumble bee represents the air element and the importance of our insect and pollinator communities.
The blooming Rocky Mountain bee plant honors the many native plant species that have sustained local human and non-human species for thousands of years. Smooth waves of golden sand situate viewers to the unmistakable Great Sand Dunes, a national treasure located in the SLV. Their depiction also signifies the vital role that SLVEC played in helping to designate the area as a National Park and Preserve. Contrasted behind the dunes is the majestic Sangre de Cristo range, representing the element of earth and the striking views of mountains in nearly all directions of the Valley. A sunrise peaks from behind the Sangres, depicting the magical display of color and light that daily enchants the SLV sky. This detail illustrates the elements of fire/sun and space. The flight of the beloved sandhill crane speaks to the fertility of the Valley and the role it plays in sustaining both migratory and residential animal life. Medano Creek flows in the foreground to represent the element of water, our Valley’s lifeblood.

All of the chosen symbols for the logo communicate the delicate ecological balance at play in the Valley, one that SLVEC works hard to protect, encourage, and preserve. To learn about Rowan’s artistic process and her inspiration for designing the logo, read "Artist, Environmentalist, and Valley Youth Rowan Lyford Designs SLVEC’s New Logo."

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