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Horus, A Son God

Just for fun article by Carmen Pavlovsky, SLVEC Communications Manager

The Sand Dunes Solar Project highlights that, "Horus is fully committed to responsible land management and stakeholder engagement." Horus is a significant deity in ancient Egyptian mythology, often depicted as a falcon-headed god or as a falcon itself. He is primarily associated with the sky, kingship, and protection. Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis and is known as the avenger of his father's murder by his uncle Seth. The conflict between Horus and Seth is a central theme in Egyptian mythology, representing the struggle between order and chaos, with Horus typically symbolizing order and kingship. Horus is often depicted wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, signifying his role as a unifying force for the country. Additionally, he was also associated with the sun, particularly as Horus of the Horizon or Horakhty, the god of the rising and setting sun. Horus played a crucial role in ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and rituals, embodying concepts of kingship, justice, and divine protection.

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