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Geothermal energy explored in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Geothermal resource development is another example of a renewable energy source. This science taps into the heat available from magma masses below the earth surface using water as the transfer agent. Surface emanations of hotsprings are obvious indicators of hot water and caution must be excersized when developing thermal operations so as not to jeopardize naturally occuring features. SLV Ecosystem Council has responded for requested comments in a recent draft BLM Environmental Assessment of geothermal potential in the SLV.

SLVEC is very involved and committed in the process of renewable energy potentials evaluation.  We recently submitted comments (See also Sand Hill Crane Distribution) to the Bureau of Land Management on four public lands areas in the SLV that have been identified as possible sites for large-scale solar development.  (See BLM Map).  We believe that is crucial to protect the water, public lands, and natural resources in the San Luis Valley, and that any large-scale development should address these concerns.  

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