RWR Protest Information 


Douglas County Commissioners Cancelled the Public Meeting in the Valley on March 26th.

In the Douglas County - Government commissioners recent work session, the commissioners decided to cancel the public meeting in the Valley on March 26 calling opposing views to RWR's proposal "a circus."

Teal and Laydon were worried about a “circus” and “protest” crowd showing up at their meeting so they canceled. Thomas is opposed to Renewable Water Resources.

Commissioner Teal used the analogy of how Urkanians feel about Russia to how RWR supporters feel about voicing their views in the Valley. The commissioners said they want "authentic" communications.

San Luis Valley water leaders, community leaders, scientists, environmentalists, conservationists, farmers and ranchers put hundreds of hours into fact-based respectful, presentations they drove 6 hours to deliver.

Isn't authenticity seeing both sides of an issue? The facts speak for themselves. RWR's proposal is a bad deal for both Douglas County and the San Luis Valley. It's hard to argue with that.

What can you do?

Write letters to the Douglas County Commissioners expressing your disappointment that the public event on the 26th is cancelled.