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May 16, 2022

May Newsletter

Photo contest winners. Slowing Down in Nature Blog Post. SLVEC position on Biomass. SLVEC response to Summitville proposed RV park. 10 tips to prevent wildfire. 


March 12, 2022

RWR Meeting Cancelled.

Does Douglas County care about the views of San Luis Valley residents? Douglas County Commissioners cancelled the upcoming Public Forum Meeting at Ski Hi in Monte Vista on Saturday, March 26th.The meeting would have been to discuss the RWR Water Proposal to take 22,000 acre feet of water from the Valley per year with local residents.

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February 5th, 2022

Urgent Call to Action 

Your voice matters. The Douglas County commissioners want to hear from YOU in regards to the Renewable Water Resources (RWR) proposal. People across the Valley and around the state are joining together to fight the proposal that would export water from the San Luis Valley to Douglas County. Our goal is to send over 1,000 letters from people like you who care about the Valley, our public lands and maintaining intact ecosystems. Send them an email or a letter with your thoughts. Join in the struggle for common sense! 


April 20, 2022

Earth Day Update

Earth Day Photo Contest. Water Export Updates. Outdoor Recreation and Conservation. Earth Day River Clean Up. Valley Roots Food Hub. Southwest Conservation Corps job opportunities. 


March 4, 2022

Fight for Our Water

- SLV Winter Adventure Guide

- Updates on SLV Water Export 

- Southern Colorado Struggles for Water Supply

- Video of Discussion of RWR Proposal 

- Protest RWR

- Kids Letter Writing Template

- Apply for Great Sand Dunes Internship Program 

- 12th Annual Seed Exchange


Januray 21, 2022



1. The RWR plan would divert 22,000 acre feet of water per year of San Luis Valley water to Douglas County, the 6th wealthiest County in the United States. 


2. The RWR proposal calls for the commissioners of Douglas County to allocate $20 million they received through the taxpayer funded American Rescue Plan to assist the company in exporting the water.


3. The Douglas County commissioners must make a decision as to whether or not to move forward with the plan. The three commissioners seem split on their decision.