Template for Kids 

Letter to Douglas County Commissioners 

Dear Douglas County Commissioners, 


I am a _(age)_____ year old student from __(town)______, CO in the San Luis Valley. 


Please do not pass the RWR Proposal that would take our water. We’ve been learning about it in school. I want to be able to still have water here in the future. We need your support!!


I am worried about: 

  1. Reason 1

  2. Reason 2

  3. Reason 3


Instead look at the Platte River Project. It’s better for people and animals. Or check out what Austin, Texas is doing with recycling greywater. 


Thank you for listening to our voices!



You Name 


Some facts you can include in your letter: 


  1. The San Luis Valley is a desert and we only get 8 inches of rain per year. 

  2. We don’t have enough water for you to take. 

  3. Wetlands and creeks are important to all kinds of wildlife, including birds, deer and the plants and bugs they need to live. Wetlands and creeks keep all the animals healthy throughout their lives. 

  4. We don’t get the same amount of rain and snow that the rest of northern Colorado gets, so we have to be careful how we use that water.  

  5. We need to protect the farmers and ranchers in the valley so they can continue to grow food for us and keep the soil healthy.