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Resources for CARE Steering Committee

EPA Resouces

The PACE EH-paceeh2.pdf

The CARE Road Map 20080620roadmap.pdf

Our logic model 9.09.10.performance measures1-1.pdf

Resources from our November 30th EPA Seminar

CDC's Chris Poulet's Presentation Slides on the ATSDR: epa slv care grantee nov 30 2011.pdf

EPA's Kyle Olson's Presentation Slides on Air Quality in the SLV: - olson air quality.pdf

EPA's Sabrina Forrest's Presentation Slides on CERLA:  forrest sabrina what is site assessment.pdf

EPA's Peg Perreault's Presentation Slides on Pesticides in the SLV: perreault peg pesticides-slv care-nov2011.pdf

EPA's Christina Wilson's Presentation Slides on Brownsfields: wilson christina bf overview_alamosa.pdf

EPA's Dr. Kristen Keteles Presentation on Endocrine Distruptors:  keteles kristine dc alamosa.pdf