Featured Letters

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write an insightful, thoughtful, and meaningful letter to the Douglas County Commissioners expressing your concern about the RWR Water Export. 

Valley Roots Food Hub

"If some of our larger producers have to close down or move elsewhere because of the increased price doing business, largely due to water prices, limitations in water availability, or lures of selling their water, we will not be able to provide your community with quality local foods, or stay afloat as a business that employs 10 and pays Douglas County Sales tax with our CSA customer base."

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Jay Wally.Letter.RWR.png

Jay Wally

(Retired business owner who operated in Douglas County as well as the entire front range, and a land owner in the San Luis Valley)

"Yes, money can make water run uphill. Yes, we have a need. Yes, Commissioner Teal is correct, ‘opportunities to bring water into the County do bear consideration’ at some level.  In my humble opinion, NO, this opportunity is not the solution.


In fact, this proposal seems emblematic of the shortcomings of our system. With enough money and resources we ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ and worry about paying Peter back some other day. We also have a need for locally sourced food and a responsibility to help sustain our Colorado neighbors.


Not to mention, as Coloradans we should have a need to conserve the world class natural resources, great hunting grounds, wildlife, and recreational wonders of the Valley we all enjoy in one form or another. Yes, we can find a better way."

Susan M. Pierce 

Fourth-generation Coloradan and a scientist and educator by profession. Mother of 3 fifth-generation rancher kids. 

"Unfortunately, recent research published in Nature Climate Change has found that the drought conditions in southwestern North America are almost certainly going to continue and intensify. Soil moisture is extremely low. Is it right to take water from a region that uses their water to grow food rather than Kentucky Bluegrass? "