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537 Main Street
P.O. Box 223
Alamosa, Colorado 81101
Phone: (719) 589-1518

About Us

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Various Local, Regional and National Non Profit Environmental and Conservation Organizations.

SLVEC working group members dealing with issues such as:

  • Energy Development on Public Lands Surrounding the SLV
  • The Village at Wolf Creek, Protection of Roadless Areas
  • Travel Management Planning on Public Lands
  • Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE) - Environmental Health Risk Assessment within the SLV
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Public Outreach to inform about asthma and asthma triggers, radon gas, dust, smoke and preventaive measures
  • San Francisco Creek Working Group- Local Residents Monitoring Oil and Gas Exploration in a Major Watershed of the San Juan Mountains
  • San Luis Valley Solar Master Planning Process
  • Alamosa Ranch/Healthy Living Park


• Brown Foundation
• El Pomar Foundation
• Fund for Wild Nature
• Maki Foundation
• New Land Foundation
• Patagonia

• United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utility Service Solid Waste Management

• Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area

• Colorado Creative Industries

• New Venture Foundation
• Kenney Foundation
• The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
• Environmental Justice Program

• Many Individuals, Families, and Businesses

Thank you for making our work possible


Vision Statement

Through education, stewardship practices, community investment and public policy advocacy efforts, SLVEC fosters understanding of complex ecosystems and the constructive interplay between human cultures and the natural world. SLVEC embraces and promotes the preservation of beauty, biodiversity and the health of the San Luis Valley and upper Rio Grande region.
Currently, SLVEC helps organize over 100 volunteers involved in different working groups. The mailing list consists of over 4,000 individuals and 500 members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council (SLVEC) is to protect and restore, through research, education, and advocacy, the biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural resources of the Upper Rio Grande bioregion, balancing ecological values with human needs.

Board of Directors


Dave Miller
Board President
Dave brings his expertise in working with the New Mexico State legislature and Office of the NM Governor for almost 30 years. His expertise was transmission and energy issues. Dave has developed several policy making skills which are beneficial when mounting campaigns and also has a keen interest in the long term financial stability of the organization. Dave likes to hike, camp, collect fine masks and makes the most of exploring the western United States.





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Richard Luckemeier
Board Member
Richard arrived in the SLV in 1983 and has worked for La Puente and as a certified engineer for the City of Alamosa. Richard joined the Board in 2007. Richard is an avid hiker, horseman, camper and an outdoorsman with a keen eye for spotting birds and other wildlife. He spends his spare time roaming in the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. He likes to track and photograph the Mexican Wolf in New Mexico.






Jim Turnbull
Board Secretary
Native Californian. Attended Northern Arizona University School of Forestery (Grad '80), Worked for Colorado State Forest Service (Silviculture, Timber Mgt. & Planning), Southwest Forest Ind. (Timber Cruiser, Forester, Commercial Timber Admin.), City of Scottsdale, AZ. (Water Resources Admin, Water Conservation, Policy and Impact Fees), Retired in 2000 and returned to Colorado. Presently Mineral County Coordinator, ColoradoWild (2005).

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Karen Lemke
Board Vice President
Karen carries an MA from University of Northern Colorado in English Rhetoric and Composition. She is also a board member with the SLV Local Foods Coalition, supporting nutrition, physical activity food sovereignty food justice and access . Karen is a diverse musician and plays with the SLV symphony orchestra and community steel drum band. Her many interests include the art of beekeeping.





Don Thompson

Board Member, Treasurer

Don and his partner Jan Oen retired to Alamosa in 2003 after 30 some years in Denver. Don was active in the environmental community in Colorado during his years in Denver working on clean air and water issues and wilderness designations. He served for six years as the environmental representative to the Denver Water Citizens Advisory Committte established when the Two Forks Dam projected was abandoned. Don has climbed the Fouteeners, hiked the Colorado Trail in his free time and was an Ultra Marathoner in his younger years. Don became a year-round bicycle commuter in Denver after renting a bicycle for a commute on the first Earth Day in 1970. He is currentlu treasurer for seven nonprofit organizations. Born and raised in Detroit,MI, he graduated from Miami University and moved to Denver in 1969. 






Dr. Elizabeth Kinney

Board Member

Beth Kinney is a family physician who has worked both in family practice and emergency medicine in the San Luis Valley for the last 21 years. She is an avid outdoor person enjoying both hiking and mountain biking. Beth is interested in increasing public awareness of the benefial activities that SLVEC offers to the San Luis Valley community and environment. She believes that encouraging and enabling citizen stewardship of our land and resources is crucially important to maintaining our environment and for curbing/preventing the devastating effects of man-made global warming. " While my trainig is in improving health on an individual basis, environmental and community health are vital to our future survival."








Dr. Joel Kaufman

Board Member

Joel was raised and educated in New Jersey. He landed in the San Luis Valley 33 years ago and began practicing medicine. " I had an obligation to serve in a poor area with a shortage of physicians, due to my government sponsored medical education. The San Luis Valley was a great fit because I wanted to be far from a city, in the mountains near great snow (Wolf Creek) and close to my brother. Most amazingly, I found a practice in which I fit. This was Valley Wide Health Services (now Systems.)

I took a world tour from 1988-89, going to 4 European countries, 12 African and 6 Asian nations. All told, I have been to 35 countries, 47 states amd 7 canadian provinces."





Christine Canaly


Bachelor of Science, Ohio University, Writing and Production Planning


EPA Environmental Stewardship Award, 2008


The Jasper Carlton "Activist in the Trenches" Award, 2015, presented by the Rocky Mountain Wild BOD


Chris joined SLVEC in June 2000.  She mobilized key local and regional constituencies to support legislation for the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve Act 0f 2000 and recieved congressional recognition for her efforts. In coordination with the EPA Region 8, she enjoined with SLV community leaders to prioritize environmental health protocols which has since engaged over 1,000 households in educational forums for protecting their in-door air and water quality through mitigation and regular household maintenance. Chris developed a solar/transmission working group in 2009 that had tremendous impact on renewable energy awareness and continues in pursuit of strategy for distributed solar generation. She has participated with core teams to develop other SLV conservation organizations including: Citizens for San Luis Valley Water, which opposed a trans-basin water diversion; EPA TAG Summitville mine oversight and clean up; Rio Grande Headwaters Landtrust: Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area and is currently collaborating with Conejos Clean Water to structure a USDA RUS Solid Waste Management and EPA Recycling Plan for the SLV. Before moving to the SLV in 1988, she worked as an engineer with CNN Headlines in Atlanta, Georgia and NBC News in New York City.




Michael Armenta


Project Coordinator- Solid Waste Management Project


Master of Arts, Development, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, Environmental Sustainability, 2012

Bachelor of Arts, Geography and Environmental Studies, Anthropology,  Colorado University at Colorado Springs, 2008


Field Studies in Geography: Panama 2007, Guatemala 2006, Costa Rica 2005-2006


Trinidad State Junior College, A.A.S. Office Technology, 2004


Michael is a 7th generation Hispanic native of the San Luis Valley. Growing up fishing, hunting, hiking and camping are some of his favorite memories growing up. He worked various office positions in Colorado including Penrose St. Frances Medical Records and Centura Health before acquiring his degrees. Michael spent three years abroad with the Peace Corps in Ecuador and Chimantenango, Guatemala with the SESAN (Secretariat for Food and Nutritional Security) Project before returning to the SLV. He works on issues that are important to him and his community and from time to time, manages to wander off to swing in a fishing trip or two.
















John Stump


Coordinator -Solid Waste Management Project


Bachelor of Science, Sociology, University of Wisconsin


Job related courses at the Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Brandeis, and Boston University


Coming from history and experience with federal economic and community programs, John came out of retirement to join the SLVEC team in 2014. He served as research director for the Resources Development Group where he authored an economic development plan for the SLV, maintained a demographic information service and conducted studies such as the economic impact on the community from the Adams Sate University upgrade.

Before coming to the Valley in the early 70's, John worked as a research analyst and planner for Wisconsin State Employment Service and Governor's Office.

An avid birder, John continues to travel extensively throughout the southwestern U.S. and South America.

He is also currently preparing comments to the Rio Grande National Forest for their 20- year management planning and assessment process in reference to the need for ecosystem priorities. 

 Other Organizational Support







Claire Barker

Volunteer Office Manager, Programs


"Almost" a Colorado native, but of foreign parentage. Shepherding a small herd of dairy goats and sheep for 28 years, she's got a good handle on group dynamics. She worked as a Registered Nurse in many SLV health facilities.

Claire and her hubby run away to the hills as often as possible with their horses. Volunteerism has been an integral part of her contribution, working for La Leche, area schools, 4H, SLV community event planning, Back Country Horsemen, and now SLVEC. This speaks to Claire's concern over the legacies of the environment, health, energy, community/parenting and economy that will confromt future generations. Daily, she tries to cultivate gratitude and hope.







David Montgomery
Consultant, Projects and Programs


Dave has lived in Colorado since 1958 and was "drug here" to the SLV by his family in 1965. He has been a persistent voice for conservation and the environment in the San Luis Valley for the past 40 years. He was one of the original founding board members and now contributes to the council as a consultant.

Dave is a nationally known landscape painter and the organizer of the Art for the Endangered Landscape 2015 : Honoring Wolf Creek Program that highlights the threatened ecotypes of Wolf Creek Pass through expressions from a diversity of artists.